Welcome to WIC2016! 



From WIC2016 President

María Cecilia Pastor Cuba (USA)


Dear Colleagues,
WAWFE arranges a scientific congress every 2 years, this time I am glad to invite you to be part of the WAWFE International Conference 2016 (WIC2016)  which is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to share information about the development in the fields of criminology, criminalistics and forensic sciences.
The congress will be held as a forensic cruise from Miami to Bahamas from the 7th to the 11th of November, 2016.
Welcome to the WIC 2016!




From WAWFE President
Anna Barbaro (Italy)

Dear Colleagues,

Im glad to welcome you in Miami(USA) to attend the
WAWFE International Conference 2016 (WIC2016)
It’s expected the participation of many international experts so the conference will be a great opportunity  to exchange experiences and knowledges in forensics.

The event will be also an occasion to visit Miami and Bahamas

enjoying a relaxing time in spectacular places.


From WIC2016 Scientific Committe


Samar Ahmed (Egypt)


Dalia Al Saif (KSA)


Alan Diego Brian Stamm (Argentina)


Angelo La Marca (Italy)


Tália Missen Tremori (Brazil)



Welcome to the Forensic Cruise!



   WIC2016 Secretariat : events@wawfe.org


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