Welcome Message
WAWFE President Anna Barbaro & WAWFE Staff are pleased to invite you to attend the WAWFE International Symposium that will be held in Texas on 7th October 2014 as a joining meeting during the 3rd International Conference on Forensic Research and Technology.

It will be a great  opportunity to meet specialists in forensic fields coming from worldwide and to share experience and strategies with other countries in order to improve knowledges about different field of Forensic Sciences, Criminal Investigations and Criminology.

It will be also an opportunity to discuss issues related to Ethics and Forensic Experts Certifications

Conference Venue

Conference will be held at the Hilton San Antonio Airport, in an ideal location close to North Star Mall and Park North and to many fun un things to do in San Antonio.

Call for Abstracts & Speakers

We invite experts to share  their experience with us! Take part in our scientific program being  speakers during the Symposium.

We encourage the submission of abstracts for consideration and inclusion as an oral or poster presentation

Abstracts must be submitted in English to congress@wawfe.org following the Abstact template 

Abstract deadline :31rd January


   Register now!



Discover San Antonio  and Don't miss the opportunity to be updated about the relevant news in forensics!

To register  for the Symposium and the Conference please download the registration form  and send the scan back to  congress@wawfe.org


Special Registration fees available for speakers

(only for WAWFE members , Non US countries)



 Symposium session  (7th October)

 Package A  : Registration+ breakfast+ lunch+ Handbook  = $120

 Package B  : Registration+ breakfast+ lunch+ Handbook with accommodation (at Hilton) $230 for a day



 Three days Conference (6-8th October)

 Package A  : Registration +breakfast+ lunch+Handbook = $360

 Package B  : Registration +breakfast+ lunch+  Handbook + accommodation (at Hilton) = $680 for 3 days


Since the registration rates are high as given in the registration form, speakers can use the dialogue box provided in the  form, to  indicate the discounted fees reserved for WAWFE Members speakers

Call for Exhibits & Sponsorship
An Exhibits hall is available for companies to showcase their technology and products to a broad international audience.
Companies interested in Exhibits and Sponsorship are required to contact as soon as possible in order to reserve their space:



For  more  info about the Main Conference  please  visit http://forensicresearch2014.conferenceseries.net/