Virtual Meeting 





 Saturday April 23 - English Session (CEST time)


Language : English


15:00- 15:05 Conference opening, Anna Barbaro (Italy/Spain) Cecilia Pastor Cuba (Peru/USA)


15:05 15:40 Staging Taxonomy, Laura Pettler (USA) Main Talk

15:40 16:00
Applications of Forensic Entomology in Legal Investigations, Jason Byrd (USA)

16:00 16:20  LIMS for Forensic Laboratories, Murat Isik (Turkey)

16:20 16:40 
Challenge in Digital Evidence Acquisition and Analysis, Ranjeet Singh (India)

16:40 17:00 Forensic Toxicological analysis of Z drugs, Amaranth Mishra (India)

17:00-17:20 Contribution of visual pair matching and analysis of other morphological and physical features to decision on sampling of commingled human remains for DNA analysis, Almir Olovcic - Sandra Sostaric (Bosnia)

17:20 17:40 Child fatality in Dammam, a call for child fatality review in Arab countries, Dalia Al Saif (KSA)

17:40-18:00 The Rule of forensic investigation in medicine, Jasna Karacic (Croatia)

18:00 18:20 Traffiking Nigerian Women, Titti Grillo (Italy)

18:20 18:40 Investigation in the use of Fourier-Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR) in the Identification of Trace Amounts of Body Fluids,

Hillary Mullings-Williams (Jamaica)

18:40 - 19:00 Unlocking the Past using Teeth, Jayapriya Jayakumar (UK)


19:00 19:10 Discussion & Conclusions


 Saturday  April 30 - English Session  (CEST time)



15:00- 15:05 Conference opening, Anna Barbaro  (Italy/Spain) Cecilia Pastor Cuba (Peru/USA)

15:05 15:40 Fingerprints & Points for Investigator Edification, Leggie Boone (USA) - Main Talk

15:40 16:00 Criminalistic and forensic aspects of cryptocurrency investigations, Olivije Zimonja (Bosnia-Herzegovina)

16:00 16:20 Overview of Forensic Education in the United States, Antoinette Campbell (USA)

16:20 16:40  Examination and Laboratory based Multidisciplinary approach in the evaluation of adult sexual assault cases, Hakan Kar (Turkey)


16:40 17:00
Using forensic DNA investigation for authentication of prohibited food, Mohammed Albujja - Abdulrahman Aloshen (KSA)

17:00 17:20 Geological case, Richard Munroe (Canada)

17:20 17:40 The effects of environmental conditions on fingerprint development on varied surfaces using different enhancement techniques,

Gregory Williams (Jamaica)

17:40 18:00 Clues in the landscape. Mapping the crime, Domingo Magliocca (Italy)

18:00- 18:20 The dose makes poison: toxic substances and their effects, Martina Barberi (Italy)

18:20 18:40 Effects of Covid-19 pandemic on domestic violence, Madalina Diac (Romania)

18:40 19:00 Human Trafficking, Natasha Ranitovic (Serbia)

19:00 19:10 Discussion & Conclusions 


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