Tbilisi 26-28 October 2012




Friday, October 26

9:00-9:30  Registration

9:30-9:45 Press Conference

9:45  Welcoming Addresses

Ministry of Internal Affairs, Forensic-Criminalistic Main Departament – N. Nadareishvili

Narcologic Service – E. Tsulaia

Forensic Expertise National Bureau - D. Chorgolashvili


10:30  Lectures

         Drug enforcement and legislation. Georgian  Administrative  Code 

(Procedures  against  illicit  traffic  of  drugs); Criminal  Code  (Legislation  of  income  from  Narco-industry – its Factors, conditions,  and  Purposes, Customs  Code, Article  29 – Controlled  Delivery/ Georgian Law  Operational  Research  Activity  (Drug  related  crime,  Controlled  Delivery  and  Control  Purchase); Georgian  Law  on  Narcotic Drugs, Psychotropic Substances, Precursors  and  Narcological  Aid,  Decree  of  Parliament  on  the  list  of illicit  narcotic  drugs  and  psychotropic  substances  seized  from  adverse  possession  or  flow (drug  situation  worldwide  and  its  preconditions; legal problems  with  combat  against  illicit  narcotic  drugs  and  psychotropic  substances in Georgia;  statistics,  etc.).

Mindia  Nadareishvili


 Modern  methods, of research used in forensic chemistry of drugs

 ( Instrumental methods: GC, GCMS and LC).

Maia  Danelia. Head of Chromatography Research unit. MIA of Georgia.


13:00 Lunch

Evening Introduction Round of Participants


Saturday, October 27

9:30-12.00 Lectures

  Management of forensic expertise: A Methodology and  Planning.

D. Chorgolashvili. Head of the department. Forensic Expertise National Bureau


.       Morphine,  its analogues, and  synthetic derivatives.

Dr. Sophio Tsqvitaia. Chief Expert. MIA of Georgia.


12:00 Lunch


13:00  Excursion: OLD TBILISI. Mtskheta (town-museum)


17:00 Dinner


Sunday, October 28

9:30-12.00 Lectures

  Clandestine  drugs. Their  technology. Dr. S. Mukhashavria. Mia of Georgia. Ajara region.

Clandestine Desomorphine analyse issues. N. Nadareishvili

The  UN  Drug Institutions. G. Beridze


12:00 Lunch


13:00 - 1700

From Theory to Practice: Laboratories of MIA of Georgia

Working Group 1: Clandestine drug  Analysis

Working Group 2: Strategic planning for training course

Introduction to the working group’s topic, approaches, tools and tasks


17:00 Dinner


Monday, October 29 Departure



Looking Forward to meet you in Georgia!